Here at Sugar Land Health Center, we are a family owned practice whose mission is to help people find natural healing and pain relief. We believe in serving our community and offering the best for our patients.

The spine is an important and integral part of your body. When pain occurs, we don’t just treat the symptoms and look at it from face value. We look to the cause of the pain and offer treatment to promote long term health. If there’s pain, that’s frequently an indicator that there was a preexisting problem or injury. We offer natural treatment for every layer of the body, which addresses the problem area and all the areas effected by the injury. The whole body is connected and with our sophisticated technology and variety of treatment methods we are able to experience breakthroughs in pain relief and in health stronger than ever before.

For more information on what we offer for your condition and those in pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Harris HERE or call us at (281) 980-1050.