Why Dr. Harris became a Chiropractor

What’s your passion? Do you remember the day you decided to do what you do?

Local Houstonian and police officer, Homer Harris, was sick of dealing with an ulcer. After no luck with his medical doctors he was referred to a Chiropractor. Dr. Pry looked to the spine and found a pinched nerve from a prior auto accident. After some treatment the ulcer disappeared and he had relief. With this success, Homer brought his whole family to get Chiropractic care. His second oldest son, Steve Harris, was inspired.

Dr. Steve Harris thanks Chiropractic for protecting him from disease. Since childhood, he sought consistent and immediate care especially after football injuries and when an auto accident occurred. Those injuries, without treatment, would have caused major damage to his health down the road.

“Thanks to consistent and immediate Chiropractic treatment my spine is STRAIGHT today!” -Dr. Steve Harris

Dr. Harris decided at a young age that he would become a Chiropractor so he could help other people the same way Chiropractic helped his family.

“I don’t have a job, I have a passion. I get to help people everyday and watch their lives change for the better. That’s fun for me.” -Dr. Steve Harris

Watch Dr. Harris tell his story in the video below.

Why Dr. Harris Became a Chiropractor

Dr. Steve Harris has been practicing for over 40 years, with his family, in Sugar Land, TX. Well respected among his colleagues and the community as a philanthropist and humanitarian, Dr. Harris offers a wide variety of Chiropractic care, looking to the spine and lifestyle for the cause of disease. His specialties include; chronic pain, severe headaches, herniated and degenerated disc problems, sciatica, nutritional weight loss, pre and post surgical spine cases. Dr. Harris incorporates sophisticated technology in his treatment plan such as spinal decompression traction, custom made class IV hot laser therapy, along with personalized, hands on attention for pain relief.

If you are dealing with pain, put your spine in the hands of experience.

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