Where Weight Loss Comes Easily


Losing 30 lbs in 30 Days with a

Doctor- Supervised Weight Loss Program

Where Weight Loss Comes Easily


Alysoun Marks says, “I’ve been receiving chiropractic care since I was a teenager. When my husband and I moved to this area last year, all the moving and unpacking gave me a real pain in my back…so I looked for a chiropractor and I found Dr. Steve Harris at the Sugar Land Health Center. He did such good work that I was excited to learn he offered a weight loss program. Dr. Harris’ wife sat down with me and went over all the steps of the program and it couldn’t have been easier!”

“Over the past eight years, I’d put on about sixty extra pounds as a result of treatment for breast cancer and my subsequent thyroid disease. Over those years I also suffered setbacks like a pinched disc in my back and a broken ankle. I tried to exercise, but all those hiccups made weight loss so difficult. Dr. Harris’ program made everything simple.

In the first place, I really wasn’t hungry at all! My husband and I did the program together to support each other…but he’d been worried it would be one of those diets where you’re starving all the time. Secondly, we actually both saw very rapid weight loss.

I lost thirty pounds in one month and he lost thirty-five! I think that this is a breakthrough in losing weight because it makes your body healthier while rapidly dropping weight and requires low discipline.”

“Losing weight quickly meant we didn’t have to sustain willpower for very long. Maintaining the weight loss has been much, much easier than losing weight ever was! You get a clear meal plan that’s easy to understand and follow. In fact, I just got back from a Girls Weekend to the Food and Wine Festival in Fredericksburg…and I’m going to use that meal plan to take off the pound or two I put on having fun. It’s really simple to follow and Dr. Harris’s wife made sure I had her cell phone number and her email so I could contact her with any questions. The program is so quick that you can literally start in December and lose a lot of weight before your New Year’s party.”

“My husband thanked me for talking him into the program and told me, ‘You literally saved my life!’ I still want to lose another twenty pounds…but I’m enjoying maintaining this substantial weight loss now. I know with Dr. Harris’ help it’ll be simple to reach my goal!”

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