The Sky’s the Limit!

Cathy Jones loves to travel to far off places. She has been to Budapest, Switzerland and Paris to name a few of her destinations. “When I am no longer able to travel great distances, I will visit places closer to home,” she says. Recently retired after more than 30 years in the oil and gas industry, Cathy is looking forward to being able to travel even more.

Concerned about the nagging pain that normally accompanies long periods of sitting on an airplane and carrying luggage from terminal to terminal, Cathy, who has suffered from back problems for the past 20 years, decided to seek help before leaving the country. Being proactive, Cathy says, “I knew that if I did not address the problem soon, it would escalate and the results could become debilitating. I think of it like the light in my car coming on indicating I need to add air to the tires. It is not an immediate need; but the sooner I address it, the less consequences there are. In the past, Cathy addressed her back pain with monthly massages and sporadic chiropractic visits. In April of this year, Cathy discovered Dr. Steve Harris and her outlook on travel and the care of her back just got sunnier.

“I was so pleased to meet Dr. Harris and his team,” says Cathy. “They are friendly and welcoming. Dr. Harris discussed treatment that would address the cause of my problem, not just the symptoms. Through his experience and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Harris helped change the shape of my spine and increase the vertebrae spacing, putting the structure of my body back into a more normal alignment. Dr. Harris has helped roll back the clock, so to speak. I would recommend Dr. Harris and his team to anyone suffering from back pain or pain that is a result of back injuries.”


Pain free and feeling confident after working with Dr. Harris, Cathy is ready to take to the friendly skies again. She and some friends will be traveling to the British Isles this summer.

We love helping people continue doing the things they love. If you are dealing with pain, we are here to help.


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