Sleep Like an Astronaut

Who taught you the proper way to sleep? The answer, nobody. We have just adapted to what we thought felt good and we stuck with it. But have you ever woke up with pain? How we sleep has a major effect on the well being of our spine and can easily cause pain.

Dr. Harris learned the best way to sleep from Nasa, when Astronauts are in space at zero gravity.

Astronauts sleep with their knees bentarms bentback straight and a neutral neck, putting their body in a natural relaxation pose. When astronauts sleep their joints go to mid range and the muscles go to neutral, which is the best state to get quality sleep. We can imitate this by using pillows to support. This is benefical because hugging a pillow between the arms and legs makes those limbs feel like they are doing something and it’s the most restorative position for the spine.

Watch the Video below on How to Sleep Like An Astronaut:

Sleeping Like an Astronaut by Dr. Steve Harris

Dr. Steve Harris has been practicing for over 40 years in Sugar Land, TX. Well respected among his colleagues and the community as a philanthropist and humanitarian, Dr. Harris offers a wide variety of Chiropractic care, looking to the spine and lifestyle for the cause of disease. His specialties include; chronic pain, severe headaches, herniated and degenerated disc problems, sciatica, nutritional weight loss, pre and post surgical spine cases. Dr. Harris incorporates sophisticated technology in his treatment plan such as spinal decompression traction, custom made class IV hot laser therapy, along with personalized, hands on attention for pain relief.

Dealing with pain? Put your spine in the hands of experience.

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