Sciatica vs. Sciatic Nerve Pain

On My Last Nerve-

The Sciatic Nerve is the largest spinal nerve in the human body. It connects from the low back and goes all the way down into each of the feet. The sciatic nerve plays an important role in connecting the spinal cord with the muscles in the legs and feet. When pain occurs, there can be a variety of conditions going on that might feel similar. The most commonly known condition is Sciatica.

Sciatica is caused from a compression of a spinal nerve in the low back that extends into the leg and sometimes into the foot. The most common cause of Sciatica is Herniated or Bulging Discs. Disc Herniation is when there’s a leak in the contents of the disc, decreasing the space in between the hard vertebrae and putting intense pressure on the nerves. Disc Bulging resembles a bubble in a tire. The outer shell is weakened by a protrusion which also puts pressure on the nerve. The feeling can vary between pain/ burning/ electric/ numbness or a prickling sensation.

There’s 3 levels of Sciatica in order of severity the last being the most difficult to treat:

  1. Back Pain greater than Leg Pain
  2. Leg Pain greater than Back Pain
  3. Leg Pain
There are some conditions that might feel similar to Sciatica but are actually different types of Sciatic Nerve Pain.
Sciatic Nerve Pain–  
Lower back pain can be linked to many different types of pain. Two common conditions are Sacroiliac (joint) and Piriformis (muscle) Pain. Though these two conditions are very similar, they both mimic “sciatica like symptoms” but don’t last for long periods of time and don’t often travel into the feet. Piriformis pain is commonly found starting in the buttocks rather than in the low back and usually is more intense above the knee. These conditions can occur if there’s a change in the body such as, a spinal injury, gaining weight or becoming pregnant. It is also possible to have multiple conditions at once. 
Chiropractic is very effective in treating Sciatica, Sciatic Nerve Pain and all these conditions. There’s more that can be done today than ever before. The treatment techniques offered at SLHC are gentle, safe, addresses multiple layers of the body and is an alternative to surgery.

Sophie is a testament for Chiropractic being effective during her pregnancy.
“I never dealt with Sciatic Nerve Pain before. Getting treatment makes it manageable and gives me relief. I need it, and it’s safe for my baby. The same instrument Doc uses on me can be used on an infant. It’s super gentle and also powerful!”

If you are dealing with Sciatica or another type of pain,
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