“Pretty soon I’ll be running again!”

“I Know It Works”

Archbishop Christopher Caros had unresolved pain in his lower back and neck as a result from a three car collision he experienced his senior year of college. He sought treatment for his back and neck pain for most of his life. He first saw a Chiropractor when he was 24 years old. Although he has had various degrees of success through the years, it wasn’t until he met Dr. Harris that he felt he received the best results. “I’m 72 years old, I used to run 6 days a week. In the past 4 years I’ve had three surgeries on my feet and I discovered I have scoliosis. I have been in a lot of pain lately, and I missed running. Seeing Dr. Harris changed all that.” Said Archbishop Christopher

When Christopher first met Dr. Harris, at the consultation, he noticed something was different about him. Christopher followed the recommended treatment plan, kept up his office visits and was amazed at the results he was seeing. One month later he said, “Pretty soon I’ll be running again!”

“I knew the first time I met Dr. Harris there was something special about him. I felt at ease with him and his staff. I’ve tried to explain to people the difference in the care and the results I’ve gained by seeing Dr. Harris. What he does IS different. No one else is doing what he’s doing. He’s revolutionary; he’s developed his own systems and the systems work for tough, even some surgical cases. I’m here to say, it works!”

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