Past Injuries Affect Your Future

How long do you wait to fix an issue? 

If your car is having issues, are you the type to do something about it at the first sign of trouble or do you wait last minute and stretch it until the car breaks down?
The fact of the matter is accidents happen. We see a lot of patients that aren’t sure what the cause of their pain is, and after their exam discover their problem stems from an injury from the past that they thought they recovered from but it showed up years later.

Watch the video below to understand the long lasting effects that injuries have in our lives.

Past Injuries Affect Your Future by Dr. Steve Harris

  • Past injuries will show up later and complicate if not dealt with
  • DANGER WORDS: Maybe. It. Will. Go. Away
  • If you’ve had an injury, it would be best to get an exam to see if there’s an underlying issue or disc degeneration rather than to ignore it

If you’ve been in an accident we are here to help. Don’t let the pains of the past affect your future.

Dr. Steve Harris has been practicing for over 40 years in Sugar Land, TX. Well respected among his colleagues and the community as a philanthropist and humanitarian, Dr. Harris offers a wide variety of Chiropractic care, looking to the spine and lifestyle for the cause of disease. His specialties include; chronic pain, severe headaches, herniated and degenerated disc problems, sciatica, nutritional weight loss, pre and post surgical spine cases. Dr. Harris incorporates sophisticated technology in his treatment plan such as spinal decompression traction, custom made class IV hot laser therapy, along with personalized, hands on attention for pain relief. Dealing with pain? Put your spine in the hands of experience.

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