How to Maintain Health

Many factors contribute to our health. Here’s 3 main categories to focus on; MaintenanceNutrition and Ergonomics.

Injuries catch up with us. 
If ignored, injuries will find their way back into our lives, weeks, months or even years later, in the form of pain or degeneration. We offend get asked if the pain is occurring because of old age. It’s not about the age of the person, it’s the age of the injury that matters.

Maintenance Treatment-

Dr. Harris is an example of maintaining a healthy spine by getting regular chiropractic treatment. He sought immediate treatment after teenage football injuries and the occasional auto accident. He states that from those injuries he would have had disc problems or lingering pain had it not been for Chiropractic. When injuries occur they need to be taken seriously. If you seek early, prompted and proper treatment, you can stop the disc degeneration process from occurring but once it starts degenerating it will continue to progress. This is why degenerating discs NEED regular Chiropractic treatment.
Pay attention to your body, give it time to heal and be proactive to keeping it healthy. If you look at maintenance treatment as taking care of your original equipment, it makes sense.  You can’t drive to work in a broken down car. Same goes for the spine.
Make a priority to get your maintenance treatment at least once a month.

In the video below, with Dr. Steve Harris, see ‘How to Maintain your Health’:

There’s more that we can do for disc problems, naturally, than ever before.

Nutrition –

You are what you eat. What you put in your body plays a big part of your health. The West Coast Minerals are the latest in nutrition and the best that Dr. Harris has come to find. The Sugar Land Health Center family and team use these products personally for health. West Coast Minerals are natural drops that are bio identical, meaning the body naturally recognizes it as whole food. They also include every vitamin, mineral, phytonutrient and amino acid known to man while providing the best source of iodine.

More information on the ‘4 Natural Supplements to Improve Your Health’ with Dr. Steve Harris in the video Below:

Ergonomics –

Analyze how you do things. 

Ask yourself, “does how I sleep, work at my desk, lounge on the couch, drive my car or work out, put a strain on my spine or supports my spine? In the book NECK PAIN, that Dr. Harris is a contributing author in, it goes over practical things we do in our daily lives, if not done correctly, could cause injury or trouble to our body. 

By getting regular Chiropractic treatment, taking good nutrition and being mindful about your ergonomics, you are setting up your body for success in the long run.

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