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Tis’ the season for sneezing…

Tis the season for sneezes. As you prepare for the holidays ahead, here’s some of our family favorite remedies to combat those seasonal sniffles before they happen or to encourage healing.

Power Tea-

Many countries have their own version of this tea but some ingredients are consistent; GINGER, LEMON & HONEY. These items are notorious for boosting the immune system, bringing down inflammation and fighting off harmful bacteria. 

Manuka Honey- 

You may have already noticed stores are stocking up on manuka honey products. Manuka was traditionally used for cuts or skin care needs. Mankua is pollinated from a plant in New Zealand that makes a more rich and potent texture than the honey made in America. Now Manuka has shown to be a powerhouse for the sinuses.

Barley Green- 

Barley juice is rich in several nutrients. Used commonly mixed with fruit and vegetable juicing drinks, but there are other benefits to Barley such as weight control, balancing blood sugar levels and enhancing heart health.

Barley Max is a powder that can be added to water, juice or a smoothie. Yes it tastes earthy, but hold out for how good you will feel after!

Use a small whisk to work out all the lumps.


This is a shortwave heat therapy used for decreasing inflammation, increasing blood flow, accelerating healing, reducing edema AND clearing sinus & chest congestion. This is a therapy we offer in our office and use personally to fight off those seasonal bugs.
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