Don’t Give Up Doing What You Love

What do you love?

Do what you love and love what you do. We’ve all heard this phrase, and who wouldn’t want to spend their time doing things they enjoy doing? Most of the time we make time for our favorite activities or at least periodically. But what if pain gets in the way?

Jimmie Hermes has enjoyed sports his whole life. He played baseball in high school and college, then he switched to flag football and softball after graduation. He continued to play flag football until he was 40 and softball into his 50s. Somewhere along the way, golf became the sport of choice. Jimmie admits his active life was not without its bumps and bruises. He had to have neck surgery at the age of 50 and he has been bothered by pain in his left shoulder for more than 10 years.

Jimmie’s shoulder became more troublesome after a major surgery last year. The pain was so intense he couldn’t sleep at night. His doctor diagnosed him with arthritis in his left shoulder and gave him a cortisone shot. He told Jimmie that once the shot wore off, he would probably need to have a shoulder replacement. In November, the pain returned and so did his sleepless nights. By January, Jimmie was back to one to two Aleve or six to eight Ibuprofen a day and his lower back started to bother him.Between lack of sleep and the pain, Jimmie’s golf game was starting to suffer; that’s when he made his first appointment to see Dr. Harris.

“Dr. Harris is easy to talk to and understand. He and his staff are awesome. They make you feel like family.” says Jimmie.

“The pain in my left shoulder was down by 90% the first week. By the 5th visit, I was totally off any kind of pain medicine.” In March Jimmie was able to travel to Mississippi for a Pro-Am Golf Tournament that he’s competed in for the past seven years. He says, “I golfed for three straight days. I was a little stiff and sore, but it went away this time. I’m thrilled that I can continue doing what I enjoy.”


Jimmie is back in the game. If you are dealing with pain that is getting in the way of life and doing what you love, we are here to help.


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