Does Weight Cause Back Pain?

Does Weight Cause Back Pain?

We are constantly amazed by the body. The way the body was created in such intricate design and with the ability to heal and adapt to change is a work of art. Each body was made unique and everyone has the opportunity to live their best self.

In America, there’s been an increase in weight gain, a decrease in nutrition and a high added dose of stress over the past few years. The American dream might need some revamping to include prioritizing health. 

“Do I have back pain because I’m overweight?” When Dr. Harris is asked this question he explains with a magnifying glass.
If you don’t have an underlying condition, then weight is not going to create a problem. Now if there is an underlying condition, such as disc degeneration, then excess weight is like adding a magnifying glass to the problem, increases the problem.

We look to the cause for our method of treatment. There’s more that we can do today for spinal disc problems than ever before. While it’s good to work on a healthy weight and lifestyle, if there’s an old injury in the spine causing pain, we want to look at correcting the problem for long term relief and benefit.

Health has many faces. This is why Dr. Harris applies multiple techniques to treat layers of the body to promote health. If you want to address losing excess weight, our Weight Loss Program incorporates nutrition, lifestyle tips and hormone balance to make goals attainable. Whether your goal is to shed 15 lbs in a few weeks or 70 lbs in a few months.


Dr. Harris has tested and approved this program and has used it personally for health. To learn more about our Weight Loss Program and to discuss your goals with Dr.Harris please schedule a consultation. Prioritizing health and a well balanced lifestyle is beneficial for the body, soul and mind. Without health, how can one work, function or do what they love?

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