Do You Treat Your Spine Like Your Car?


Your spinal discs are like tires on a vehicle. Tires allow the car to go into motion and protects the hard rim from rubbing on the concrete. In the same way, your discs allow movement  in the spine and protect the hard vertebras from rubbing together.

How long will you drive with a flat tire? We know when we get a flat tire on our vehicle that we need to act fast to get it fixed. When it comes to the body, problems tend to be put off and dealt with down the road. This is when people tend to blame their age for their aches and pains. It’s not the age of the person but the age of the injury that is of concern. If we treat our bodies with top priority like we do our vehicles, we would be able to prevent further harm to our spine.

Disc problems are like flat tires. They need to be handled with top priority and dealt with the sooner the better. Good health isn’t automatic, we have to manually and intentionally work on taking care of our bodies.

If you are dealing with disc problems or pain, don’t put it off. We are here to help.

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