Do You Suffer From TEXT NECK?

As new discoveries in technology increase, so do spinal issues. The term “Text Neck” is being commonly used for the condition in the upper neck from looking down at a phone or mobile device for excessive periods of time. This distorts the neck posture and causes pain. NBC highlights this issue by comparing your head to a bowling ball. Watch the video below.

What Texting Does to Your Spine

Though your communication is important, be mindful the next time you use your mobile device to not cause harm to your neck. Dr. Harris shares more practical tips on Text Neck and how to care for your neck.

Do You Suffer From Text Neck? By Dr Steve Harris


  • Raise your device to meet your face
  • Use a speaking service to write texts
  • Perform neck exercises and stretches throughout the day
  • Get regular Chiropractic adjustments! 🙂

Dr. Steve Harris has been practicing for over 40 years in Sugar Land, TX. Well respected among his colleagues and the community as a philanthropist and humanitarian, Dr. Harris offers a wide variety of Chiropractic care, looking to the spine and lifestyle for the cause of disease. His specialties include; chronic pain, severe headaches, herniated and degenerated disc problems, sciatica, nutritional weight loss, pre and post surgical spine cases. Dr. Harris incorporates sophisticated technology in his treatment plan such as spinal decompression traction, custom made class IV hot laser therapy, along with personalized, hands on attention for pain relief.

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