Concerned About Maintaining Your Independence?


Willye hadn’t been able to feel her feet for a year.


The retired nurse stated that at 85 years old, she was concerned that this loss in her feet was effecting her balance and could cause a fall. “And at my age you worry about stuff like that.” Willye couldn’t stand very long without pain. If she was visited by a neighbor she would encourage them to come sit so they could catch up. And she stated that she couldn’t finish rinsing off in the shower without having pain. She continued to explain her biggest worry was losing her independence and being able to take care of herself and live on her own. “Now that’s not a worry!”

A skeptic, Willye had never been to a Chiropractor before, “never thought about it”, until her GI doctor told her she might benefit from Chiropractic care. With the help of her daughter, a nurse practitioner, she discovered Dr. Harris.


What a blessing! He treats the whole person. I was so surprised with my treatment because to me he treats the body, mind and spirit. It treats my body to give me independence to walk and offers nutritional suggestions. It treats my state of mind by giving me encouragement and treats my spirit with all the happy countenance I experience in the clinic. I think all three are really important.” Said Willye.

Willye is grateful and states that people her age are concerned about maintaining their independence. “And that’s what Dr. Harris gave me; my independence!”

If you or someone you know relates to Willye and would like to maintain their independence but are dealing with neuropathy, sciatica or spinal pain; we are here to help.

Watch Willye’s story on our Youtube Channel HERE.


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