The traditional adjusting technique is the manual adjustment; by hand. There’s many benefits to a hands on adjustment, but this is not accurately displayed in movies or in the media, creating myths and concerns. Though there’s more chance of getting hurt on the way to see a Chiropractor then there is at a Chiropractic office, there are other adjusting techniques that can put those concerns at ease. Dr. Harris offers a treatment that’s gentle, easy on the patient and risk free. 

The Impulse Instrument is able to treat all types of pain, tough chronic pain, even patients with rods in their spine, acute injuries or sensitive cases such as treating infants. Its sophisticated technology and scientifically studied for being an effective technique for treatment. Dr. Harris shares more insight on Impulse Adjusting and patient stories who have seen a positive improvement in the video below.

Impulse Adjusting Overview: 

  • Gentle, Sophisticated Technology and Scientifically backed
  • Stimulates the Nervous System and Resets Muscles
  • Balancing Muscles and Improving the Spine
  • Risk Free

85 year old Scoliosis spine almost completely straight and immediately improved health just after a few treatments.

3 Impulse Strengths:

  1. Mild Setting
  2. Moderate
  3. Strong

Mild/lowest level able to treat infants or those with acute injuries.

Impulse Adjusting is a safe and gentle option for those seeking pain relief.

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