Back to the Future

Dayana has her hands full. She has a three-year-old daughter, works full time and is also attending the University of Houston. It takes careful planning and determination to keep her busy schedule running smoothly. Last year, on her way to work, Dayana’s routine got thrown for a loop. Her car was hit from behind and forced into the car in front of her. The impact from being sandwiched between two cars caused Dayana to experience double whiplash as a result of the wreck.

Although a cat scan performed right after the accident indicated there was no permanent damage, Dayana began to experience headaches and pain in her neck two days later. She says she also felt extreme fatigue and had a hard time concentrating. That’s when her dad recommended she see his chiropractor, Dr. Harris, and she was grateful that she did.

Dayana had this to say, “Dr. Harris and his staff are all so very friendly and extremely caring. From the moment I stepped in the door on my first visit, they were all very warm and welcoming. Coming from my background of 5+ years in customer service, they go above and beyond for all of their patients and will do whatever it takes to get any and all of their patients back on their feet in full health. I would highly recommend Dr. Harris; after suffering two car accidents this year and pre-existing back injury that I had no knowledge about, I highly praise his patience, service, and dedication to each of his patients.”

After working with Dr. Harris, Dayana reports that her energy is up, she has no neck tension or headaches, and she can keep up the original pace she maintained before her accident. Dayana says, “Thank God for Dr. Harris; for what he does and how he changes lives!”

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