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Knee pain can make people avoid many activities and affect their ability to do things like climb stairs. Dr. Steve Harris, of Sugar Land Health Center, offers knee pain relief and other chiropractic services to residents of Sugar Land, Texas.

Knee Pain Relief Q & A

by Steve Harris, DC

What Causes Knee Pain?

The two most common causes of knee pain are an injury or degenerative joint problems (which can be secondary to an injury or develop from chronic wear and tear). There is also a number of contributing factors. Certain kinds of activities and sports are hard on the knee. These include regular running or jogging for exercise, sports that require kicking, pivoting and twisting, and certain kinds of work activities such as regular heavy lifting or climbing stairs and ladders. Obesity affects all of the leg joints, including the knee, and increases stress on the joint.

Can Knee Pain Cause Other Health Problems?

Pain in the extremities causes the patient to change the way he or she moves, which can increase stress on other joints, muscles and ligaments. Chronic limping, for example, can cause back pain or pain in the opposite leg, which takes on extra weight-bearing requirements. Any kind of chronic pain can cause more generalized symptoms, like sleep problems, fatigue or mood changes (anxiety, depression or irritability). Knee pain can also cause chronic inflammation, which results in chemical changes in the body.

How Can Chiropractic Help Knee Pain?

Chiropractic helps knee pain in two main ways. The first is to correct any alignment problems that may be causing or contributing to the knee pain. The second is to help relieve spasm or muscle tension. Associated treatments like the application of heat or cold and soft tissue massage can help decrease inflammation and improve range of motion. Chiropractors may also use splints or orthotics to support the joint and promote better posture.

Will I Need Surgery?

Surgery should always be a last resort. Each case must be evaluated individually. If the cartilage in the knee become severely degenerated, conservative treatment can only do so much. An inflamed tendon may respond to chiropractic, but a torn tendon is more likely to need surgical repair. Sometimes regular chiropractic treatment and an exercise program to strengthen muscles or promote flexibility may allow the patient to delay surgery for months or years.


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    "I love Sugarland Health Center. I suffer from migraine headaches nothing seems to help,but Dr Harris fixed them with his unique technique. "

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    "Dr. Harris, did exactly what he said he would do. I can stand on two feet and the numbness in my right arm is almost gone."

    Richard K.
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    "Dr. Harris successfully treated me for sciatic nerve pain this past year. It only took about 2 weeks of treatment and I was nearly 100% better."

    Mike K.
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    "He and his staff are always professional and courteous. I have no doubt dr. Steve has saved me from surgery more than once."

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    "I came to Dr. Harris from neck problems, and within a few treatments, I have no trace of the pain that was so intense."

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