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Helping patients in Sugar Land, Texas lead pain-free, healthy lives through gentle chiropractic care with advanced treatment options and wellness programs for enhanced results.

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For pain and injury, put your spine in the hands of an experienced chiropractic doctor.

Since 1976, Dr. Steve Harris has helped patients with back and neck pain to heal naturally, finding and treating the source of their problems, and helping them to lead pain-free lives. The team at Sugar Land Health Center believes that gentle, effective chiropractic care can eliminate pain without drugs or surgery. We help people who are suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches, and injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

Dr. Harris is a leader in his field, training other doctors in spinal decompression techniques for the treatment of herniated discs and other back conditions. Sugar Land Health Center offers class IV hot laser therapy, the strongest FDA-cleared laser available today, for many painful conditions.

We also offer effective wellness programs to increase the benefits of chiropractic treatments.

Take charge of your health today. Call Sugar Land Health Center in Sugar Land, Texas for your complimentary exam and consultation at (281) 980-1050 or request an appointment with our secure online form.

Sugar Land Chiropractor offers advanced treatment for pinched nerve, herniated disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, headache, facet joint syndrome, whiplash or other bone and joint pain from sports injury, job related injury or auto accident.  We also offer a personalized weight loss program.